Carmichael Payamps is an artist and collaboration of artists in New York City. He works in the digital and in the... non-digital. You can Please Check It Out on Facebook and Subscribe to the Artletter. Her work has some articles: 1, 2, 3.
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Featured Work

Other Work

VacationJuly 2016
Carmichael's on vacation.
Carmichael's first album. Not just an album, a Visual Software Classic Rock MIDI Album incorporating videos of friend Max playing the piano. In 2D and 3D!
FACE TIMEJune 2016
Facial Aspect Character Emulator with Timed Intuitive Muscular Expression. Live facial deformation / enhancement suite.
Max Plays Mozart | Paganini's Caprice 5May 2016
Max Plays Mozart is software that plays midi songs as a series of videos of our friend Max playing the piano. This is a song inspired by Cory Arcangel's similar guitar video.
Multiplex CinemaMarch 2016
A collection of films that have been rescrambled to exercise and stretch the multitasking-oriented part of your mind, from A1A2A3B1B2B3C1C2C3 To A1B1C1A2B2C2A3B3C3: for us.
Chromatic ReductionMarch 2016
A spectrum of films rendered as ColorStreams, where each frame is monochromatically reduced to its most relevant color.
fffight.siteMarch 2016
126 dynamically composed permutations of reconstructed action scenes from the Bourne series; the natural evolution of Bourne rebourne.
Bourne rebourneMarch 2016
A collection of films that rip apart action shots from the Bourne series and reconstruct them with Strength, Speed, and Vigor.
feud.onlineFebruary 2016
A series of continuous films about the family, spectacle, and endless repetition.
Rain in a RoomNovember 2015
Explore a digital interpretation of Random International's infamous rain room.